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Steps: Your In-Ear Monitor

1. We offer both universal and custom in-ear monitors. For ordering custom in-ear monitors, you will need to provide us with your full ear impression. We have the facilities available from our office (here) or you can send them to us at 43-47 Eyre Place, Edinburgh EH3 5EY, UK.

2. On our website's (store page) or from our office (location), choose your product, cable, colour and any custom options you want.

Please contact us (here) if you would like an image printed on your product.

3. On the website, after choosing your product:

(If you have selected a custom in-ear monitor, we will need to have your full ear impression to continue.)

Add the product to card and proceed to checkout. From there, please fill out your shipping and billing address, then make your payment and place your order (PayPal and Credit Service available). Your order will be saved on our system and we will able to process your order.

4. We will update you on your order until you receive your purchase.


If you have any queries please contact us on (+44) 0 131 557 2088.

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